About The Author

My name is Jeff Pritchard.  I’m still at least vaguely human.  I have opinions.  Sometimes I write about them.

I am always rather skeptical of writers who would have you base your opinion of their writing (either it’s style or it’s content) on some list of accomplishments or their academic titles or some other identifiable pedigree.

You’ll get none of that from me.  Take me as I am…or rather, take my Singularity Reality Blog posts for what they are.  They are one guy’s opinions about what is to come.  I hope you find them inspirational, or at the very least, irritational.  However you find them, take them by themselves as purely self-representational.

The ideas here are either useful or not.  Their value depends in no way upon your opinion of me.  Even less so on a proxied opinion born of a list of stale accolades and past triumphs.

For these reasons, I provide here no resume, no CV, no justifications of any kind why the ideas here might be of value.  One might draw from that a suspicion that this disdain for the usual means of leveraging my reader’s respect might grow from a complete lack of substance to put before him in this wise.  One might be correct in that suspicion.